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Impact of The Invisible Man essays

Impact of The Invisible Man essays The constraints described in "The Invisible Man" imply we live in a country that is divided by race, ethnicity, religion and class (prejudices towards differences). A person's life is then heavily shaped around these perimeters. Some in the minority unfortunately try to deny these barriers to entry of the American elite by ignoring warnings and repressing past and present disparities and replacing them with hope. This behavior is brought forth by the natural defiance of a human to not be made believe that he is inferior, and from the confusion between the meanings of the laws of desegregation and social integration. The story of the Invisible Man describes the hardship and reality this path leads an African American, and in reality to many Minority-Americans. The first thing our reading points out is how divided Americans are and the reasons. The most basic fact is that the majority of American citizens are white of European ancestry. As in any other country, the majority rules. In this country the majority also enjoys the contributions of their minority (from slaves to modern sweat shops, to the front lines of war, music, sports, etc). To keep receiving these benefits laws are set that enable for such activities to occur. Americans will bend over backwards when some economic or political interest is made relevant to them (WTO's real intentions for example). However, it is taboo for a white person to assimilate into a minority culture making minorities non-American. Since 1607 whites have been melting together and have homogenized the American way of life. The laws for the American way of life place the Northern Europeans on the top with all other whites under them, then all other minorities and last the black man. This can be seen throughout all of our business and political establishments. Minorities are still urged to give it their best, but their best in never respected. Even when blacks or other minorities...

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Organic memory transistor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organic memory transistor - Essay Example They (Fakher & Mabrooka, 2012) reported that the output characteristics for both the devices show perfect and good saturation area at low and high voltage; VDS respectively. They also found out that, in the control device, the mobility (Â µ), the threshold and the on/off rotation were 0.27cm2 V-1S-1, 16V and 4.1 X 104 respectively. However, in the organic memory floating gate; the mobility was found to be 0.04 cm2 V-1S-1, the threshold was between -23 and -47 volts while the on/off ratio was 2.3 X 103. For high mobility and increasing on/off ratio, the smooth surface, uniform and loose pin holes where the reverse proportionality of PMMA concentration which was above 15wt%, and can be a significant influence on the average grain region and average roughness of pentacene layer. They also stated that a clear trend was there to show that there was no hysteresis in the control transistor due to non charge storage element. In addition, they said that the gold floating gate of the organic memory transistor causes low mobility due to the gold nanoparticle affected to follow and carry charges from the first layer of PMMA through gold floating gate to the second layer of the PMMA in the insulator. ... That was when different pulses of OTMFTs were applied to the gate electrodes. This was evident in non-volatile state attitude for the organic thin film memory transistor device. Graphene oxide and floating gate: Other authors, including Tae-Wook Kim, Yan Gao, Orb Action, Hin-Lap, Hong Ma and others, also reported about the electrical characteristics of organic non-volatile memory transistors (ONVMTs) using chemically synthesized grapheme oxide (GO) as a charge trapping layer based on pentacene/PMMA/Grapheme oxide nanosheets/SiO2.GO (Kim, et al., 2010). the nanosheets were produced by modified Hammer’s process then deposited on top of SiO2 substrate using spin coating and hot plate (3000 rpm for 40s and 120C0 for 10 minutes), respectively. The drain/source contact was of gold and had a thickness of 50nm thick and a semiconductor layer of 50nm was deposited using thermal evaporation of pentacene. The GO nonosheets were located between PMMA and SiO2 layers of about 10nm of thickn ess. A clear trend, morphological properties of grapheme oxide such as rougher and coverage region were dependent on the concentration of its solution. The output and transfer characteristics of both the devices, namely; control (OFETs) device without grapheme nanosheets and (ONVMTs) device within GO nanosheets, have similar values of mobility ), threshold and on/off ration which were 0.16 cm2V-1S-1, 6.5V and 106 respectively. On the other hand, travelling electrons or hole from pentacene to GO nanosheets through PMMA layer resulted to hysteresis which was featured in the transfer characteristics of (ONVMT) device. However, there was no hysteresis in the control (OFET) due to the absence of the trap charge

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New Technology that Could Substantially Improve the Output of the Essay

New Technology that Could Substantially Improve the Output of the Bio-Fuels - Essay Example While, solar energy seems to be new, but it is also being in utilization for many years for drying food products and heating water. Biofuel is such type of fuel that can be attained from living organisms. In this way, the energy stored and wasted by the living organisms can be utilized to attain energy. Living organisms both store and waste energy, like the tree and plants store energy in their stems that can be burnt to extract energy, in the similar way, mammals, birds and other animals can provide undigested food that could be utilized to extract energy by going through a certain process. The energy in the undigested food waste can be extracted in two ways; first methods is to dry the undigested food waste and then burn it to extract energy content of the waste and the second method is to biodegrade the waste and then capture the biogas evolved in the process. This paper assembles the different technologies that can enhance the output of the bio-fuels (Emma, np). Different types o f bio-fuels have to be processed differently and thus a different biofuel is obtained. The different types of bio-fuels that involve technology are biodiesel, bio-ethanol and biogas. Bio-ethanol is attained after the fermentation of such foods and food products that have a higher content of sugar, like sugar cane, corn, switch grass, etc. However, any biotic oil could have the potential to become biodiesel by undergoing a simple process that involve first heating and filtering the oil, then treating the oil with the methanol and then washing and drying (Blair, np). Washing and drying may utilize different chemicals like hydroxides, etc. Biogas is extracted through the bio-digest plant that digests the waste food or animal waste utilizing certain type of microorganisms and bacteria to eat up the wastes and generate biogas. Biogas is mostly methane gas; however, some content of sulphur oxides are also present in the gas. The important factor of the bio-digest plant is that the waster from the plant can be utilized as the fertilizers. The plant could be as small as to support a small house or could be as big as to supply fuel for a bigger power generation unit. The advances in all the bio-fuels technologies change the perspective of inputs to the fuel generation plant. For example, for a biogas generation system animal waste is the primary component, however, the technology made a possibility to utilizing any bio waste to generate bio gas. In the similar way, corn starch is the primary components of the bio-ethanol generation system but advancement in the technology made it possible to extract the ethanol from other food sources like switch grass and other plant waste. The advance technology enhanced the possibility of the bio-fuels to be utilized in a more appropriate manner and have major other application, like bio-aviation fuel, high efficiency bio-fuels, etc. The advanced bio-fuels may utilize food and bio wastes, agricultural residue, forestry residue (wood y biomass, etc), crops and non-food feed stocks. The major issue is to increase the sustainability of the bio-fuels and second generation bio-fuels generation are more sustainable as compared to the first generation bio-fuels. However, the product form the second generation

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Organizational Structures Essay Example for Free

Organizational Structures Essay Organizations function in varied ways. Each organization is unique in its own accord and its overall design depends on two main criteria; coordination and communication. No matter what structure an organization chooses, the ultimate result is to achieve coordination between units and communicate effectively for proper decision making and implementation. The current buzz word being the networked economy and organizations, many firms are becoming more sophisticated and evolving into more interconnected entities than ever before. It is important however to note that not one single structure is the most successful one. A firms arrival at a decision to adopt a certain structure entails careful analysis of the requirements of the industry it operates in. Then only can it decide which structure suits it best. Dell, based in the US, is a truly global organization. With lead times of delivery ranging in days across the globe, Dell had no choice but to adapt a structure which complimented its nimble and lean supply chain. This resulted in them adopting a networked structure as opposed to more traditional functional setup. The main criterion is not coordination here, but the proper channels of communication which are necessary to deliver information is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way. Moreover, product life cycles of Dell are shorter than most other products and this again meant a quick supply chain backed by the most efficient communications strategy. Dell has been able to adopt this structure quicker and has grown to an extent which many never expected it to achieve (Sviokla, 2004). Dell does have departments and functions like any other organizations; it’s the method by which they operate which is different. Each function is coordinated and communicates to achieve one primary goal; deliver the good to the customer in the shortest time possible. By having a networked organization, information travels at nearly the speed of light and decisions are thus made in a shorter time. This is what Dell required to stay on top of its competition in the PC industry and thus, it adopted the best possible structure within the industry. Toyota, based in Japan, is a name of reliability. Their automobiles are well known for cost effectiveness and long life. All this was only achieved by the top notch structure that Toyota eventually evolved into over its long history. The work at Toyota is done by divisions; teams of individuals in each ‘function’ operating on assembly lines to produce cars. This along with a just in time inventory approach has enabled Toyota to become a truly global automobile maker and trendsetter in the industry. Till Toyota adopted it, JIT was something that many, especially in the automobile industry, wouldn’t dare to emulate. Toyota realized how its inventory, being huge and with long lead times would clog up work space and result in huge costs due to rental, obsolescence etc. Thus Toyota did what Dell did but in a different manner, let the supplier remain the owner of the materials until they are needed. This called for not just a good communications setup but an exceptional coordinated effort by the firms various functions as well. A delay in one function meant a halt in the whole firm as each is dependent on the other. Thus Toyota needed a structure which was stable, coordinated and yet, able to communicate well with its suppliers as well as dealers. This came in the form of an organization which was capable of dissipating knowledge throughout its firm effectively and acts upon decisions made quickly (Choo, 2002). This means that Toyota is a matrix organization rather than a functional one which one might think it is at first glance. Secondly, it various factories internationally could be seen as SBU’s (Strategic Business Units) working autonomously yet liked to a central point. Reference

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Child Abuse Prevention Programs Essays -- Child Development

Introduction Child maltreatment is a pervasive problem in the United States, as well as other countries. Child maltreatment touches everyone, from the child to the nurse that cares for the child to the entire community. I have chosen to research this problem because of its far reaching effects on the community and its preventable nature. Research on prevention Research on the prevention of child maltreatment focuses on home visitation programs, abusive head trauma prevention programs, and parent training programs (Krugman, Lane, & Walsh, 2007). Mikton and Butchart (2009) also concluded that there are four promising intervention, which include: home visitation, parent education, abusive head trauma education, and programs that have multi-components. Krugman, Lane, and Walsh (2007) note that it has been hard to test the effectiveness of these programs because many programs have not integrated robust program evaluation or meticulous research methodology. Interestingly, laws banning corporal punishment have been looked at as a prevention technique. Sweden was the first country to ban corporal punishment of child by any caregiver and research found that there was a reduction of infant mortality from child abuse (Krugman, Lane, & Walsh, 2007). However, Roberts states that it was not the ban but the change in the attitude towards corporal punishment that caused the reduction in child abuse (as cited in Mikton & Butchart, 2009). Parent education programs, community child abuse prevention programs, abusive head trauma programs are all promising, however, they have not been studied well. It has been shown that these all decrease the risk factors for child abuse; nonetheless, there is insufficient evidence that these programs ... ... Care Professionals. Pediatrics, 127(4), 962-969. Hien, D., Cohen, L. R., Caldeira, N. A., Flom, P., & Wasserman, G. (2010). Depression and anger as risk factors underlying the relationship between maternal substance involvement and child abuse potential. Child Abuse and Neglect, 34, 105-113. Krugman, S. D., Lane, W. G., & Walsh, C. M. (2007). Update on child abuse prevention. Current Opinion in Pediatrics, 19, 711-718. Leventhal, J. M., Martin, K. D., & Gaither, J. R. (2012). Using US Data to Estimate the Incidence of Serious Physical Abuse in Children . Pediatrics, 129, 458-464. Mikton, C., & Butchart, A. (2009). Child maltreatment prevention: a systematic review or reviews. Bulletin of World Health Organization, 87, 353-361. Newton, A. W., & Vandeven, A. M. (2010). Child abuse and neglect: a worldwide concern. Cerrent Opinion Pediatrics, 22, 226-233.

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Mass Surveillance Essay

The affair began on June 17, 1972, when the local police arrested five men for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex. The police found on the burglars a slush fund used by the committee for the re-election of the President Richard Nixon and listening devices. They look secrets agents more than burglars. As Washington is a federal district, the affair was charged to the F. B. I. Within hours after that, the F. B. I discovered a name of a C. I. A officer in the address book of one of the burglars. The officer was a member of a secret operative team charged by the President to protect confidential documents inside the white house. Although the burglary seemed to be an operation led by former employees of the White House in order to spy on Democratic Party elections plans, the FBI investigation was not going away. The case was covered by the head of F. B. I Patrick Gray. Who was shortly before appointed by the President in place of J. Edgar Hoover (dead in May, 1972). The President had chosen his friend instead of William Mark Felt, the Bureau’s Associate Director, the second-ranking post in the F. B. I after Hoover. At first, the case made a very little noise and seemed to be covered up. Nixon reelected for another four years in November 1972. He defeated McGovern, the democratic leader, with over 60 percent of the popular vote. Until end of 1972, when the two Washington Post journalists: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein revealed the affair in public. They had been informed by an F. B. I whistleblower (he revealed himself in 2005 and he was William Mark Felt, the number two in the F. B. I at that moment). The affair was covered by many other media like Time Magazine, and The New York Times and they accused the President and his administration. Who also accused the media of making wild accusations, putting too much emphasis on this story. Months later, the affair had a dramatic consequents and political repercussions, an investigation conducted by the Senate with democratic majority. It was revealed that President Nixon had a tape-recording system in his office and he had recorded many conversations. Recordings from these tapes implicated the president revealing that he had known about the affair and had attempted to cover up. After a protracted round of bitter court battles, the U. S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the president had to hand over the tapes to government investigators, he ultimately handed over. Facing near-certain impeachment in the House of Representatives and a strong possibility of a conviction in the Senate, Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9, 1974. His successor, Gerald Ford, issued a pardon to him. The Watergate scandal resulted in 69 government officials being charged and 48 being found guilty like vice president, F. B. I head, C. I. A officers, and all members of president’s administration.